1 beyond one's means 収入をこえて

You cannot go on living beyond your means.

2 hold ~ responsible for ~に対して~に責任を負わせる

No one should be held responsible for this unfortunate accident.

3 in accordance with ~に従って

in accordance with the law

4 first come first served 先着順

5 fill in for ~ ~の代理をする

I hear Mr.Smith is filling in for her.

6 top dog リーダー

We can use “top dog” to refer to a person who is the leader of a group.

7 autism 自閉症

People with autism often find unfamiliar situations stressful

8 diapers おむつ

DyDo Drinko and Daio Paper Corporation have teamed up to sell diapers and wet wipes out of Japan's ubiquitous vending machines.

9 in a pinch ピンチで

Since the machines operate 24-7, parents in a pinch can get diapers even when stores and other services are closed

10 subject 被験者

In the experiment, subjects slept with two different shirts used as pillow cases;

It's first come first served.