1 nippy 身を切るような(寒さ)

nippy weather

2 stash こっそり隠す(へそくり)

A secret to my wife, I will make a secret savings stash.

3 rigid 硬い

His face looked rigid with distress.

4 runny nose 鼻水

I have a runny nose

5 pimple にきび

I got a pimple!

6 catch forty winks うたた寝する

While I was catching forty winks, the president came into the room.

7 full-fledged 一人前

I want to be a full-fledged member of the company.

8 supple 柔らかい

a supple mind

9 eclectic さまざま

"What kind of music do you like?" "I'm eclectic."

10 cuddle 抱きしめる

Do you want to give her a cuddle?