1 subtitles 字幕

The video features subtitles in 17 languages.

2 overtourism 観光公害

The Japan Tourism Agency has made a series of video clips aimed at addressing overtourism

3 out of the way of ~の邪魔にならない

Please place suitcases and other large luggage out of the way of other passengers.

4 humorously 面白おかしく

The agency has produced 10 videos. People playing the roles of ninjas and "kuroko," stage assistants dressed in black, humorously act out various scenarios.

5 eavesdrop 盗聴する

U.S. and German intelligence agencies reportedly eavesdropped on foreign governments for decades through their hidden control of a Swiss encryption firm.

6 rig 不正に利用する

The spy agencies rigged the company's devices to listen in on both friends and enemies

7 protective gear 防護服

As the coronavirus spreads in China, a shortage of face masks has prompted a major carmaker to start producing them.

8 connectivity 接続性

Japanese electronics giant Sony says it plans to release a new smartphone with 5G network connectivity in markets around the world from this spring.

9 churn out 大量生産する

The project wants to churn out fuel by processing waste that is too deteriorated or dirty for recycling.

10 approval rating 支持率

The approval rating for Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam has fallen below 10 percent for the first time.