1 tiptoe 忍び足で、つま先で

Jack tiptoed up the stairs so as not to wake his baby sister

2 reincarnate 再び肉体の中に宿らせる

I seem to have been reincarnated as a slime.

3 preppy お坊ちゃん

He is so preppy that he has never had a hard time in life.

4 counterfeit 偽物 偽造品 偽の

5 prevention 防止 阻止

The Foreign Ministry said the new design will help introduce Japanese culture to the world while also strengthening counterfeit-prevention measures.

6 hot-pot dish 鍋料理

Japanese convenience store chain FamilyMart has changed the way it sells "oden" — a popular hot-pot dish that uses a variety of ingredients.

7 white radish 大根

Some of the common ingredients are "chikuwa" and "daikon" white radish.

8 sell-by times 販売期限

Seven-Eleven Japan is extending sell-by times by analyzing packages and ingredients.

9 doctor 不正に変える

The officials say they will eliminate content that has been doctored using altered speech or parts of images.

10 satire 風刺

Videos created for the purpose of satire or parody are not subject to the ban.