1 ginormous とてつもなく大きな

The pizza was really ginormous

2 bae 彼氏、彼女がお互いを呼ぶ時などに使われる

3 Don’t have a cow 落ち着いて

4 wallflower シャイな人

I am a wallflower.

5 cakewalk 楽勝

The homework was a cakewalk.

6 pending 保留の 未解決の ~を待つ間

Admission tickets for reservations of a test scheduled on March 8th are still pending a decision whether or not to carry out the test.

7 test-goer テスト受験者

It is possible that test-goers may not be notified until just before that date.

8 cremated 火葬された

A man has been arrested for allegedly abandoning his father’s cremated remains in a restroom in a Tokyo train station.

9 cemetery 墓地

But with long waiting lists at public cemeteries and sky-high prices at private ones, many are left without options for deceased loved ones’ remains.

10 go viral(ネットなどで)話題になる 急速に広まる

A tweet by Yamaha Wind Stream, a division of instrument makers Yamaha Music Japan, has gone viral with some obvious advice.