1 freeway 高速道路

My car broke down on the freeway.

2 inclement 荒れ模様の

This afternoon's flight has been delayed due to inclement weather in the destination city.

3 detain 引き留める

I'm sorry to have detained you so long.

4 coarse 粗い、粗悪な

The baby was wrapped in a coarse cloth.

5 groundbreaking 革新的な

Groundbreaking experiments in the development of space travel were carried out by Russia and United States.

6 gathering 集まり、集会

The planned gathering failed to come off.

7 craft 技術

He is skilled in the craft of cabinetmaking.

8 precise 正確な、明確な

The instructions are precise and to the point.

9 mutual 共通の

He is a mutual friend of ours.

10 assert 断言する

She firmly asserted that this was not the case.