1 be prudent in ~ing ~することを慎む

that it should remain prudent in letting more refugees into the country, a government survey has shown.

2 fauna 動物相

and have threatened to wipe out some of
the island’s unique fauna altogether.

3 hike 引き上げる

'Too optimistic': Japan tax hike not enough to
boost nation's finances

4 tuft of hair 髪の毛の束

It was my tuft of hair.

5 consumer confidence 消費者心理

a slowing global economy that has strained
corporate and consumer confidence.

6 remembrance 記憶

all remembrance of them passes easily away.

7 outstanding 未払いの

I have no outstanding bills.

8 sulk ふくれる

My daughter has been sulking now for 3 hours and refuses to breathe until she has her nose

9 Can it wait? 後回しでいい?

10 fleeting つかの間の

I always worked on fundamentals because I know athleticism is fleeting.