BanG Dream! バンドリで学ぶ英語 205【英会話】




No.205 "Something Feels Off"


   A tin toy found in the basement. 


りみりん  It's a rabbit with a drum.    


        How cute ~


ありさ It is, but...




ありさ Something feels off about it...


かすみ Yeah... O-tae likes rabbits, but Saya plays the drums, so....


かすみ It makes me picture this! 


  Tae Hanazono the drummer. 


ありさ That's it!


ありさ Yeah, That's why! Because it makes me imagine O-tae as our drummer!  


  Phew I get it now! 


  (A tin toy)・・・


りみりん It's not your fault. We just have such a clear image of our roles in the band. 



feel off いつもと違うように感じる

tin ブリキの

basement 地下室

picture ~を心に描く、想像する



It makes me picture this! 

make は第5文型。make O 原形


imagine O-tae as our drummer!

 V O as C の形の動詞は、O = C の関係


 V O as C を取る動詞

 regard / think of / look on / see / view / consider / count / refer to / recognize / identify /describe / define / imagine など




That's it! (まさに) それだ!

It's not your fault. あなたのせいじゃないよ

I get it 理解した、すっきりした