BanG Dream! バンドリで学ぶ英語 186 秋の装い "Fall fashion"【英会話】




No.186 "Fall fashion"


あや I was trying to keep a low profile... 


はぐみ、あこ、ありさ Aya-senpai! Aya-senpai! Aya-senpai!


あや Ah! Did you all come to buy clothes too? 


ひまり Hi! We were trying out our fall outfits together! 


はぐみ Hi- chan is here too! 


あや Did you know it was me right away? 


はぐみ AA-chan, let's ask them to pick out clothes for us! 


あやさ Huh?! Ask an idol to pick our clothes?! Nothing too flashy thought...


あこ I wanna make an outfit with...this jet-black belt bag! 


ひまり Then how about we go for a sporty look like Tomoe's?! 


あや Yep! You three look super cute ~! 


あこ Let's all go out like this! Can't let this shance go to waste! 


ひまり Okay, should we go then...? 


はぐみ I wanna have a picnic! 


あこ To the garden of darkness and infernos...! 


ひまり Let's do a fall desserts walking tour


あや Shopping time! 


ありさ Why do we all want to do such different things?!  ← Bonsai exhibit




low profile 控えめな、目立たない

outfit 衣服、洋服

flashy 派手な

inferno 地獄、地獄さながらの光景



let's ask them to pick out clothes for us! 

ask O to do の形を取る




Nothing too flashy thought...  あまり派手すぎない感じで...

Let's do a fall desserts walking tour!  秋スイーツの食べ歩きに(行こう)!