1 fall short of ~に達しない

This month's car sales fell short of the complay's expectation.

2 come down with 風邪をひく

I've come down with a cold.

3 work ~ out ~を解決する

It is indeed because we do not understand our deeper emotional problems that we have to work them out by analogy, by myth, and by fable.

4 tuberculosis 結核

Roy, suffering from tuberculosis , had been assigned to a government hospital in Los Angeles.

5 play house ままごとをする

I used to play house with my sister.

6 telework テレワークする

He teleworks just two days a week.

7 use-by date 消費期限

It’s way past the use-by date.

8 Spring Equinox day 春分の日

In Japanese, the Spring Equinox day is called Shunbun no hi.

9 summer solstice 夏至

In Japanese, summer solstice is called Geshi, winter solstice is called Tozi.

10 lame joke つまらないジョーク

Please refrain from a lame joke.