1 gauge 測定する

Sleep quality was then gauged by the subject's opinions and objectively using a sleep tracker.

2 toss and turn 寝返りをうつ

Subjects experienced less tossing and turning when exposed to their partners' scent and reported a better overall sleep.

3 morning sickness つわり

I’ve got morning sickness.

4 baby bump 膨らんだお腹

I’m starting to see your baby bump!

5 nicotine ニコチン

The main contents of traditional cigarette smoke is water, nicotine and aggregating all the toxic substances, tar

6 instant noodle インスタントラーメン

I like to eat instant noodles, such as Shin ramen and Cup Noodle.

7 confined space / private space 密室

Robberies and muggings often happen in taxis because they are confined private spaces

8 prank いたずら

He played a prank on his girlfriend.

9 show business 芸能界

come back again to show business

10 refrain from something 自粛する

After the big earthquake, a lot of companies refrained from broadcasting TV commercials.