1 draconian 過酷な

draconian cure for the deficit

2 envision 想像する

envision a rosy future

3 pencil in 一応予定に入れとく

I'll pencil you in for 11 o'clock tomorrow morning.

4 manpower 人的資源

restaurateurs can save on manpower.

5 wade 水中を歩く

A photo showing an orangutan extending a hand to help a man wading in snake-infested waters has captured the attention of more than 52,000 people on Instagram.

6 predators 捕食者

A guard was working to clear the water of venomous snakes, which are predators of the giant apes.

7 profligate 浪費する

Profligate managers let company go bankrupt.

8 austerity 喜びがなく質素な

I can't survive on an austerity diet like this.

9 sui generis 独特な

He wrote a sui generis history book.

10 torrential rain 豪雨

The Japan Meteorological Agency said Friday that a tropical storm was moving toward Kyushu and is expected to bring torrential rain to the Japan Sea coast as far as northern Tohoku on Saturday.