1 diverge 分岐する

The path diverges from the river bank very soon.

2 confound 混乱させる

This difficulty quite confounded me.

3 unacceptable 許されない

Picking your nose in public is socially unacceptable.

4 amend 修正する

The bill was passed in its amended form.

5 clumsy ぎこちない

He was a clumsy catcher.

6 feasible 実行できる

Is it feasible for you to do the work by June?

7 loyal 忠実な

He pensioned off his employees after thirty years of loyal service.

8 tender やわらかい

This mutton cuts tender.

9 bilateral 2国間の

There has been an improvement in bilateral relations.

10 allocate 配分する

The money was allocated carefully.