1 measure up 期待に応える

Let's see how Judy measures up.

2 public figure 有名人

Twitter Inc said it is testing a new community moderation approach that would enable users to identify misleading information posted by politicians and public figures

3 crunch 危機

4 crippling 深刻な

Japanese convenience stores are starting
to shorten their business hours, abandoning
the traditional open-all-night model, amid
a crippling labor crunch.

5 magnetism 人を惹きつける力

So, quite understandably, qualities like magnetism and charisma suddenly come to seem really important.

6 severance 契約解除

Panasonic will offer severance packages to employees at the Buffalo plant.

7 accusatory 非難するような

8 perpetuate ~を長続きさせる

And I also think it's dangerous, and I don't want to see it perpetuated into the next century.

9 grappling 格闘

Japan's ancient sport of sumo is grappling
with the harsh reality of the coronavirus

10 slam ばたんと閉める

I heard the door slam.