1 waddle よたよた歩く

Then they all waddled down to the river together.

2 tumble 落下する

As tourist numbers have tumbled amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, those dependent on tourism are struggling

3 cast a ballot 一票を投じる

More than a quarter of a million transgender Americans may be unable to cast a ballot in this year's presidential elections.

4 ramp up 強化する

Ramping up restrictions.

5 lockdown 封鎖

Italy takes the unprecedented step of putting the entire country under lockdown.

6 inmates 受刑者

On Sunday and Monday, inmates in the country's prisons rioted after visiting rights were restricted due to the coronavirus.

7 crude oil 原油

Saudi Arabia and Russia have announced they will boost their crude oil output even though there's concern the coronavirus outbreak will curb demand.

8 hike 引き上げ

Combined output hikes of both countries would be equivalent to about three percent of global crude oil demand

9 price war 価格戦争

the moves are stoking fears of a price war.

10 inflict 負わせる

Iraq says excessive supply would trigger a plunge in crude prices and only inflict economic harm on oil-producing nations.