1 rabbi ラビ、ユダヤ教の宗教指導者

2 widower 男やもめ、寡夫

My grandfather was a rabbi and he was a widower.

3 courtly 優雅な

partly because it was filled with his very gentle, very courtly presence

4 shutdown 休業・一時閉鎖・操業停止

A number of US states have ordered shutdowns

5 get / have cold feet 怖じ気づく

They got cold feet.

6 in a bid to ~しようと試みて

The Italian region of Lombardy has introduced
stricter measures in a bid to tackle the
spread of coronavirus.

7 unrelenting 弱まることのない

it's determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal

8 unsettle 心をみだす

Billie Eilish's theme for the new James Bond
film is a dramatic, unsettling ballad

9 augment 拡張

Apple has announced its first mobile device to
feature laser-scanning technology, which the
firm says will aid augmented reality apps.

10 transmission 伝染

for the next two weeks to minimize
the risk of coronavirus transmission.