1 hinge ちょうつがい

Apply a little oil to the hinges.

2 withdrawal ひきこもり

Her psychological withdrawal is a major problem.

3 systematic 組織的な

A more systematic examination of the evidence is necessary

4 bash 強打する

She bashed him with the book

5 notable 名士

All the notables of the city were present.

6 bank on を頼りにする

7 reignite 再点火する

Boss banks on kanji to reignite its rock n'
roll brand

8 brewmaster 醸造監督者

Foreign brewmasters pour into Japan's craft
beer scene

9 ventilator 人工呼吸器

President Trump said the government would buy
thousands of ventilators

10 anchor ニュースキャスター

U. S. TV anchor retires on air after harassment