1 take a nap 昼寝をする

2 doze 居眠り

He dozed off during the meeting.

3 late breakfast 遅めの朝食

I eat a late breakfast and go out for a run.

4 refill pack 詰め替え用

Buying refill packs is eco friendly

5 ten to ten 9時50分

6 capital tie-up 資本提携

Toyota Motor and the Japanese telecom giant NTT have formed a major capital tie-up.

7 move ... along ~を進ませる

8 smart city スマートシティー

The plan is to move things along toward developing a so-called "smart city."

9 self-driving technologies 自動運転技術

The tie-up would combine Toyota's next-generation technologies, like self-driving, with NTT's expertise in communications infrastructure.

10 turn to 次は~の話題です

Turning to Britain, where Prime Minister Boris Johnson says that schools will close on Friday afternoon until further notice to slow the spread of the virus.